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Easy club management

Our software supports the club in the management of the member's life cycle, from the first contact to the integration with remote activities. 

Sellers can suggest memberships, services and passes, even with complex and customised formulas, and they can rely on automatic payments. The CRM is a valid tool to keep track of the member's journey. Clients can enjoy a high-profile experience thanks to the online portal where they can book classes, purchase memberships, book services and take part into remote live classes directly from the customer portal.

More features

Centralised and real-time planning

Centralise the planning of physical resources like areas and equipment, coordinating them with courses and instructors.

A correct planning with a coloured legenda will make it easier to spot available areas and resources. All booking channels are integrated and get updated in real time! 

Online branded portal for your customers

With SPORTRICK, an online customer portal is immediately available for purchases, renewals and bookings.

From this portal your clients can enjoy your services without being physically there. Accessible from a pc, tablet and smartphone, it will be your Front Office 24/7, offering your members a unique experience.

Access Control

SPORTRICK is the most innovative system for access control that perfectly adapts to fitness centres' needs.

Thanks to its cloud architecture it is possible to set access rules without the need of costly servers and local infrastructures. SPORTRICK supports multiple recognition systems (RFID, Biometry, Magnetic Bands, QRCodes), offering more than one option to identify clients.

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